How Dependent Are Emerging Market Economies on China's Growth?

Emerging economies, especially Asian countries and commodity exporters, are the most vulnerable to the structural slowdown in Chinese growth, due to their high degree of trade and financial dependence on China (loans, FDI). They are expected to be affected by falling Chinese demand and the resulting impact on commodity prices, as well as by gradual, ongoing cuts to Chinese financing.... Lire la suite


China's Public Finances: Short-Term Risks and Structural Issues

China’s public finances are organised in a complex and opaque manner, and are structured into various accounts with unclear scopes, along with off-balance sheet commitments. The important role of public investment in China's growth has resulted in high debt levels for local governments. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, local finances are at risk, which has made far-reaching reforms all the mo... Lire la suite