The Dual Income Tax System in Sweden

Sweden was the first country to adopt a dual income tax system, with the progressive taxation of earned income and the flat-rate tax for capital income, under the 1991 tax reform. This reform, which set out to lower taxes and broaden tax bases, has had a positive long-term impact on business investment and labour supply. It was then followed by a significant cut in aggregate tax and social securit... Lire la suite


Unequal Access to Day Nurseries and Related Economic Issues

Formal childcare for young children before they start nursery school (école maternelle) has a dual objective: to support parents’ professional activity and to foster children’s cognitive development. Whilst the current shortfall in the childcare offering in France hampers the reduction of social and gender inequality, a number of measures are increasing recourse to childcare in day nurseries (crèc... Lire la suite