Within the Regional Economic Department of the French Embassy in Japan, the Energy - Environment - Transport - Construction team is in charge of promoting French policies on behalf of both the Ministry for the Ecological and Solidary Transition (Ministère de la Transition Ecologique et Solidaire, MTES) and the Ministry of Territorial Cohesion and Relations with Local Authorities (Ministère de la Cohésion des Territoires et des relations avec les Collectivités Territoriales, MCT).

This page offers a non-exhaustive collection of resources - documents and links - in English and Japanese on French policies regarding energy, environment, climate, transport and construction.

Disclaimer : The list provided hereunder is not exhaustive, and updated versions of these policies might exist. Please refer to the MTES and MCT websites for a more comprehensive set of resources. Additional resources in English on sustainable development policies in France can be found on the official website of the French government.




注:このリストは包括的なものではなく、最新版でない可能性もあります。より総合的な情報は、MTESまたはMCTのサイトをご参照ください。フランス政府の公式サイトでは、フランスの持続可能な開発分野の政策に関するその他の英語の資料もご紹介しています 。

Sustainable Development Goals 持続可能な開発目標
[JP] French Policies for SDGs - 持続可能な開発目標 June 2018
Energy エネルギー
Energy Transition for Green Growth Act グリーン成長のためのエネルギー移行法
[EN] Energy Transition for Green Growth Act in action - Regions, citizens, business July 2016
[EN] The Green Growth Revolution is Picking Up Pace April 2015
Multiannual Energy Plan エネルギー複数年計画 (PPE)
[EN] Multiannual Energy Plan (2019-2023/2024-2028) - Executive Summary January 2019
[EN] Multiannual Energy Plan (2019-2023/2024-2028) January 2019
[EN] Multiannual Energy Plan : Aims 2018
[EN] Multiannual Energy Plan - Executive Summary 2015
[EN] Multiannual Energy Plan 2015
Specific Energy Policies 特定のエネルギーに関する政策
[EN] The French National Policy Framework for the Development of Alternative Fuels May 2019
[EN] Hydrogen Deployment Plan June 2018
[EN] France: the First Country to Prohibit Exploitation of Hydrocarbons September 2017
Environment 環境
Biodiversity 生物多様性
[EN] Preserving is Protecting Life : Biodiversity Action Plan - Brochure March 2019
[EN] Ban on Neonicotinoid Insecticides: France is Leading the Way in Europe September 2018
[JP] 報道発表資料 - 行動するフランス - 生物多様性 May 2018
[EN] Biodiversity Plan July 2018
Deforestation 森林伐採
[EN] National Strategy to Combat Imported Deforestation November 2018
Circular Economy, Resources and Waste 循環経済、リサイクル、廃棄物
[EN] Anti-Waste Law for Circular Economy: In Practice February 2020
[EN] National Pact on Plastic Packaging February 2019
[EN] Roadmap for the Circular Economy - 50 Measures for a 100% Circular Economy May 2018
[EN] Circular Economy Roadmap: the French Experience February 2018
Sea and Ocean 海洋関係
[EN] National Strategy for the Sea and Coast March 2018
 Climate 気候
[EN] Global Climate Action Agenda: A Tool at the Service of the Paris Agreement - Small Guide November 2019
[EN] Global Climate Action Agenda: Initiatives Supported by France - Key Figures November 2019
[EN] The One Planet Lab March 2019
[EN] The One Planet Summit March 2019
[EN] Understanding Climate Change January 2019
[EN] France's Climate Change Policy February 2018
Paris Climate Change Agreement 気候変動に関するパリ協定
[EN] Understanding the Rulebook of the Paris Agreement November 2019
Climate Plan 気候プラン
[EN] Outline of the Climate Plan July 2017
[EN] Climate Plan July 2017
[JP] 気候 プラン July 2017
National Low-Carbon Strategy (SNBC) 国家低炭素戦略
[EN] Outline of the National Low-Carbon Strategy November 2015
[EN] National Low-Carbon Strategy - Complete strategy November 2015
[EN] National Low-Carbon Strategy - Brochure November 2015
[EN] National Low-Carbon Strategy - Summary for decision-makers November 2015
Specific Climate-Related Policies 特定の気候関連政策
[EN] Information Obligation Related to Greenhouse Gas (GhG) Emissions in Transportation Services May 2019
[EN] National Climate Change Adaptation Plan 2018-2022 : Transport Measures May 2019
[EN] Agriculture, Agri-food, Forestry and Bio-economy : Overview of Actions to Adress Climate Change Challenges December 2018
[EN] A Bioeconomy Strategy for France : 2018-2020 Action Plan February 2018
Transport 運輸・交通
[EN] Transport Projects Appraisal : Framework and Developments May 2019
[EN] National Travel Demand and Traffic Emissions Forecasts May 2019
Mobility モビリティー
[EN] The French National Strategies to Develop Sustainable Mobility May 2019
[EN] National Transport Foundations (Assises Nationales de la Mobilité) November 2017
[EN] The Tramway Revival in France May 2012
Intelligent Transport Systems
[EN] Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS): the French Expertise February 2019
[EN] Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) June 2017
Autonomous Vehicles 自動運転
[EN] Development of Autonomous Vehicles: the French Strategy May 2019
[EN] Development of Autonomous Vehicles : Strategic Orientations for Public Action - Summary May 2018
[EN] Development of Autonomous Vehicles - Brochure May 2018
Road Transport 道路交通
[EN] Traffic Management in Urban Areas: the French Expertise March 2019
[EN] Traffic Management in Urban Areas August 2017
[EN] Promoting Sustainable Mobility : Cycling April 2014
[EN] Traffic Management on the French Road Network April 2014
Air Transport 航空
[EN] Building The Sky of the Future (DGAC) March 2018
Construction 建設
Housing and Planning 住宅・都市計画
[EN] The National Framework for Charters on Sustainable Urban Logistics May 2019
[EN] ELAN: a Law to Reform Housing, Planning and Digital Technology October 2018
[EN] The Government's Housing Strategy September 2017
[EN] France Committed to Sustainable Housing 2017
Investing in France フランスへの投資
[JP] フランスでビジネスを立ちあげる March 2018
[EN] Establishing a Business in France June 2017
[EN] Government Support and Finance June 2017
[EN] Available Support and Grants  
[EN] The French Tax System  
[EN] Tax News : 2018 French Government Budget Act  
[EN] The Labour Law Reform : 10 Key Points at a Glance  
[EN] Pro-Business Reform Agenda  
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