“Relaunch France”, France’s new economic stimulus plan, was presented by the French government on September 3, 2020. All the sectors are involved by the economic measures implemented through this plan, in order to support the most strategic sectors for the future.

France Relance” will be implemented as of this year and will extend until 2022, and will deliver ambitious government investments and tangible measures in support of business, which will be applied immediately or in the short term:

  • A more attractive tax policy, with a significant reduction of €20 billion, from 2021, in the tax burden placed on the industrial activities of businesses, together with a corporate tax rate that has been steadily reduced since 2017 (from 33.33% in 2017, to 28% in 2020, to 25% in 2022) and a guarantee from the Prime Minister that there will be no tax rises before the end of the President’s five-year term.
  • A boost to the equity capital of micro-enterprises, SMEs and mid-size companies.
  • Support for investment in different regions, strategic sectors and in the technologies of the future, including hydrogen, healthcare, industrial inputs, quantum technologies and agri-food.
  • Provision of “turnkey” sites, allowing new industrial operations to be set up.
  • Government initiatives to support the modernization, digitalization and greening of industrial activities.

“France Relance” has the potential to create new markets, thanks to the large-scale investments and government programs being deployed, generating a raft of opportunities for businesses to grasp in these sectors:

  • €6 billion to transform medical and social care institutions, restructure healthcare services and modernize digital tools in the healthcare field.
  • €6.7 billion to improve energy efficiency, primarily by upgrading heat insulation in public and private buildings.
  • €3.1 billion to develop clean mobility (bicycles, public transport, clean vehicles, etc.).

As such, “France Relance” sends an unambiguous message to foreign investors and their operations in France: the country welcomes their contribution to its continuing transformation, as embodied by the ecological transition, the modernization of production facilities and technological innovation.

>> France, a major player in agricultural production, moving towards a secure, modern & sustainable agri-food industry
>> Decarbonization of the French economy, one of the three primary objectives of the ecological transition
>> Shaping France as one of the most competitive, innovative healthteach hubs
>> The French green hydrogen plan 2020-2030: shaping France as one of the most competitive, innovative and decarbonized economies
>> Shaping the future through innovation : French tech at the forefront of change