Économie et Prévision is a scientific review that publishes French or English-written studies of specialists in quantitative methods of applied economy coming from different institutions (academic researchers, economists from French, non-French or international economic administrations…). Its editorial policy covers a wide range of topics, including macroeconomic and microeconomic problems, international issues, environmental studies, etc. Submissions presenting a significant methodological contribution to the economic and/or econometric field and whose conclusions have economic implications for the French economy are particularly welcome.


Articles submitted for publication are transmitted for evaluation by two referees, whose views help to ensure scientific rigor as well as pedagogy.


Created in 1971 under the title Statistiques et Études Financières série orange, the review has been published as Économie et Prévision since 1981. The review is now hosted at the French Treasury, after having been hosted at the Forecasting Directorate, in the Ministry of the Economy, Finance, and Industry. 


Short English abstracts of the papers published in Économie et Prévision from 2001 on can be consulted from the Cairn.Info website. Click on the issue you are interested in ("Consultez ce numéro"), then on the abstract of the paper you are interested in  ("Résumé"). Abstracts and keywords in English will thus appear, after the corresponding abstracts and keywords in French.


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