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The Directorate General of the Treasury (DG Trésor) makes economic policy proposals and carries out economic policy in the domestic, European and international spheres, under the Ministers’ authority.

  • We monitor the French and international economic climate and produce forecasts (on growth, competitiveness, employment, etc.) for France and its environment
  • We present analyses, avenues for reform and impact studies in the fields of public finances, government spending, tax policy, social policies, employment and sector-based policies
  • We monitor European economic and financial affairs, take part in the related talks (issues concerning the euro, the workings of EMU, monitoring of national economic policies) and nurture bilateral relationships with EU Member States
  • We draft and roll out the financial sector regulation policy with an eye to ensuring diversified and competitive financing of the French economy
  • We monitor multilateral trade and financial issues
  • We provide expert opinions and put forward proposals on official development assistance
  • We support exports and the international development of French companies and establish economic ties with all partner countries, in conjunction with central government and regional operators
  • We manage the government’s cash and debt positions through Agence France Trésor (AFT)
  • We provide support to public authorities and professional stakeholders involved in preparing partnership agreements and leases through the FIN INFRA task force

DG Trésor is a directorate of the Ministry for the Economy, Finance and the Recovery. It employs nearly 1,400 staff, half of whom work in 105 foreign countries within embassies and as part of French delegations to European and international institutions. Its teams have a wide variety of profiles (civil servants from 20 different civil service technical corps, contract staff, local employees abroad), and this epitomises French Treasury's diversity.

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