Working together with DG Trésor’s central departments, the Directorate’s international network caters for the government’s requirements in terms of economic intelligence, international negotiations, and macroeconomic, financial and public policy analysis. It also provides support for companies as they expand abroad.

A few figures

The Directorate’s network consists of 128 structures in 105 countries, and it includes:

  • 31 Regional Economic Departments
  • 70 Economic Departments
  • 5 Delegations / Permanent Representations
  • 22 Social and Economic Council (CSE) Delegates

DG Trésor around the world

The Economic Departments abroad missions

The network of Economic Departments abroad consists of experts who provide both political authorities and French companies – both at home and abroad – with a broad range of services that are tailored to their needs.

The Economic Departments abroad have four main tasks:

  • Macroeconomic and public policy analysis

The Economic Departments produce analyses of the public policies in their country of residence, particularly from a macroeconomic standpoint (the country’s economic and financial environment) as well as looking at specific sectors. They explain local economic reforms and outline the major issues in domestic public policies. They draft international benchmarks prior to economic and social reforms.

  • Promotion of France’s positions

The Economic Departments promote France’s positions vis-à-vis local authorities and partners regarding major global economic issues (WTO reform, digital taxation, reform of the euro area, etc.) and as part of financial and trade negotiations, whether bilateral or multilateral (free trade agreements with the European Union, bilateral agreements on the avoidance of double taxation or the protection of investments, etc.).

Additionally, they contribute their in-depth knowledge of the positions of their countries of residence to International negotiations.

  • Promoting France as a place to do business

In conjunction with the Business France offices, the network of Economic Departments help promote France as a place to do business, by providing foreign stakeholders with detailed information about opportunities to invest or set up shop in France.

  • Support for French companies

The Directorate General of the Treasury plays an essential role in promoting the interests of French companies abroad and is fully involved in France’s foreign trade strategy.

The Economic Departments help identify major projects (such as contracts and investments) of interest to French companies. They provide coordinated support for companies in their efforts to expand internationally by informing them about the global business environment, supporting them locally in their relations with the authorities or when they encounter difficulties (market access, disputes, etc.).

Generally speaking, the Economic Departments defend and promote the interests of French companies in their country of residence.

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