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France's Foreign Trade 2016 Results

In 2016 France's deficit on trade in goods and services deepened, but was still smaller than the 2012 deficit

  • The €48.1-billion deficit on trade in goods was worse in 2016, but was still smaller than the 2014 deficit
  • The balance of trade in services was in equilibrium in 2016, following a contraction of the surplus comparable to that seen in 2015. Meanwhile, the surplus on merchanting increased for the seventh year in a row to €23.5 billion.
  • All in all, the current account balance is nearly in equilibrium, in contrast to the major deficits and surpluses seen in other EU countries
  • The industries that traditionally drive our foreign trade lost ground, but exports in the auto, shipbuilding and military equipment industries were particularly strong in 2016 •After increasing in each of the four previous years, the number of exporters was stable in 2016 at 124,100
  • France's market shares have stabilised since 2012
  • The slower growth of world trade in 2016 dampened France’s foreign trade performance, but this trend is expected to fade in 2017

Publié le 09/06/2017